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Top 8 Car Maintenance Tips For A Worry-Free Drive

Take Benefits Of Car Maintenance Tips Image Source : Google In India, buying a Car is always a dream of every individual. That is how the indian Automobile sector works. We all have a dream of a Car and We end up this dream by buying a car at some point of time in our […]

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How To Get Twitter Consumer Key and Consumer Secret key ?

Step to Get Twitter Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key Image Source : Google Let’s check some steps to obtain your Twitter API for your account, Step 1 : First Go to  and Sign In with your twitter account.  Step 2: Now Click on “Create an App” button to create a new application Step […]

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How To Get Facebook App ID and App Secret ?

Steps To Get Facebook App ID and APP Secret Image Source : Google In order to use the Facebook tools, It is required to create a Facebook App. When you make a Facebook App, It has App ID and App Secret.  Facebook App ID is used for sending many requests to Facebook for data and […]

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How To Get LinkedIn App ID and App Secret ?

Steps To Get LinkedIn App ID and APP Secret  Image Source : Google Step 1 : First Visit and Login with your credentials Step 2 : Click on Create App In the center of the page  Step 3 : Fill Mandatory Fields  App Name  Company  Privacy Policy URL  Business Email  App Logo  Step 4 […]

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How To Know That Who Is Following You On Facebook ?

Control Who Can Friend and Follow You On Facebook Image Source : Google The concept of follower on Facebook is little bit creepy. If you don\’t keep your eye on that then people who are not your friend would also know what you publish without your knowledge. For that you have to check your list […]

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How To Protect Yourself From Spam Emails ?

Ways To Protect From Spam Emails Image Source : Google Spam Emails are one of the most serious threats for individuals, Companies and organizations online. Even though nowadays spam protection is very intelligent there is no way of 100% blocking of spam emails or messages. One way or another, there is a high chance of […]

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How To Take Backup Of Your Gmail ?

Google Takeout For Backup Of Your Gmail Image Source : Google You might need to back up your Gmail while switching your Jobs, Decided to stop using a specific email account or Just wanted to copy all your email from one account to another account. Whatever the reason, It is not a bad idea to […]

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How to Safely Move All Your SMS Texts and Messages From One Phone to Another ?

The most effective methods to Safely Move All Your SMS Texts and Messages From One Phone to Another iPhone SMS texts and iMessage It is easy to get all your SMS texts and Messages conversations from one iPhone to another once you have backed up your phone via iCloud or iTunes (You will get warning […]

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20 Computer Terms You Should Know

Learn About Computer Terms We are dealing with many computer terms and jargon while talking about Computers and sometimes we use computer terms incorrectly as well. This blog is for more common computer terms you may come across or need to use while writing. 

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Best Ways to Hide Apps on Android

Different Ways to Hide Apps On Android Without Disabling Image Source : Google When we are thinking about hiding an app on Android, We always think to disable it or Uninstall it but by doing this app data will be deleted and we need to set the app from scratch once we need it. In […]