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Snapchat Spotlight Feature Launched, It Is Designed To Be In-app Competitor For TikTok

Snapchat Spotlight will allow users to see content from Snapchat members and influencers
Snapchat Spotlight
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Snap has launched the Spotlight feature which is ready to compete with TikTok and will pay creators to post on the platform. This is a new section of Snapchat which is called Spotlight so you can add vertical video content from users and it will showcase the community’s creative efforts, Including video backed by music so it is basically TikTok inside Snapchat. 

Snapchat also reveals that many people snap regularly, The company says that it will upto 1 million between the most popular creators on Snapchat per day by the end of 2020 which means if someone has a viral video they can earn a large amount of $1 million pot.

If the person has not many subscribers but people can get an amount based on unique views compared to other snaps a day. Users can easily earn from their video if it will be popular for multiple days at a time. 

Spotlight feature is launching with its own dedicated tab in the Snapchat app and it is launching in 11 countries including Germany, France, Australia, UK and US. The videos which you will see in the section tab is upto 60 seconds long for now and can not be watermarked which means people can not download other’s or theirs’  viral TikToks and upload them into Snapchat.

Once you go to Spotlight Tab, You can see Snapchat’s algorithm which is enjoyable. It is purely based on what you have viewed in the past and how long you have watched. Users can submit a Snap and they have to just tap to “Spotlight”. 

Snapchat Spotlight
Image Source : Google

The format is somehow similar to TikTok and as far as security concerns users can keep their accounts locked down while posting content, Users can make their profile private. 

In the August company has already given some hints about this Spotlight section. The company has already allowed users to submit their snap as part of location so anyone can drop in and watch to get a feel of what is happening in a given place at any moment and it will appear in Snap Map.

This feature is more on documentary in nature but Spotlight is designed for viral video formats. 

Snap is trying to encourage people to use their own creation tools and prevent fraud by keeping people in its app.

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