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Top 5 Best Features Of The New iPhone 12 Pro

Now It’s iPhone 12 Pro ! What do you think of the new line of iPhones From Apple ?
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Recently Apple launched its new line of Phones : iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max earlier this week and along with it HomePod Mini.

Here are Five Best Features Of The iPhone 12 Pro

Fast 5G Connectivity 

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iPhone 12 is with 5G connectivity and it is the first 5G iPhone with super speeds in the new edge of speed to enjoy things super fast.

It means you can download files in seconds rather than minutes. It is quick to watch movies or play games.

It is basically designed for people who want things quicker than everyone else so 5G is still fast when everything gets crowded.

Fast Processor 

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The iPhone 12 Pro comes with Apple’s Fastest processor till date which is A14 Bionic so it will help you to load apps and games quickly and along with it increase capabilities of Photography.

This new processor allows Apple to have a better understanding of the photo you are taking so it will give better results for Photos.

Auto-Focusing Features With The New Camera 

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There are three 12 megapixel cameras on the backside of the Phone, 12 Megapixel camera on front side with a LiDAR scanner.

All the cameras have excellent features like Smart HDR 3, Portrait Mode, Deep Fusion, Night Mode to take pictures in dark. With LiDAR scanner auto-focus is super quick. 

Tougher Screen 

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The new iPhone 12 is with a tougher Screen and it is actually 4 times tougher than the previous iPhone.

The new screen is built with Ceramic Shield.

It is not actually Glass but it is nano-ceramic crystals which are transparent so ultimately this new iPhone 12 is super protective than before.

Super Fast Charging

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The new iPhone 12 Pro is with a new MegSafe charging accessory so charging becomes easy and faster.

It is basically a wireless charger so it uses Magnet and your phone is charging.

It charges the devices at twice the speed of standard wireless charging pads and it locks into the pad so you can not pick up your phone until it is fully charged. 

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