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Top 7 YouTube Alternatives In 2020

7 Best Video Sites For YouTube Alternatives

YouTube Alternatives
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YouTube is a Popular video-sharing platform which helps you to Watch, Like, Comment and Uploads any videos. You can access video from Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones.

You need to access it via Gmail ID if you want to view some protected videos.

If you will break the rule then it will disable your account without any specific reason or a transparent appeal process.

Here is the list of Top applications which are capable of replacing YouTube.

  • Dailymotion
  • Vevo
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook Videos
  • IGTV
  • DTube
  • BuzzFeed


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Dailymotion is one of the strong competitors of YouTube which enables you to watch online videos.

You can download videos to watch it later. You can categories your video and topics.


  • You can watch Video, News, Sports and Entertainment 
  • It provides library to store and view your favourite video 
  • You can get list of curated trending topics 
  • It offers personalised video according to your interests 
  • It gives HTML5 video player and speech to increase your viewing experience 
  • It supports Android and iOS platform 
  • It supports Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung

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Vevo is also a competitor of YouTube which helps you to watch videos. You can group by videos by artist.

It allows you to comment, Follow channels and share it on any other social media websites. Vevo offers music videos and original web series. 


  • It is easy to create high definition content
  • It provides repository of music videos 
  • It helps you to focus on music, Artists and Viewers 
  • It gives you featured playlists and new releases 
  • It supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • It supports Apple TV, Google TV, PlayStation etc 



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Vimeo is a video hosting platform which allows you to watch short films posted by a community. You can watch clips without compression. This site will help you to track video performance. 

Features :

  • You can customize video players 
  • You can edit video URLs as per your need 
  • It is secure platform 
  • You can collaborate with Other people
  • It provides good customer service
  • It supports Android and iOS 
  • It Supports Chromecast, PS4, Fire TV 


Facebook Videos

Facebook Videos
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Facebook videos is also a YouTube alternatives which allows you to watch videos and shows.

You can save your favourite videos and watch it later. You can easily upload HD videos without any hassle. 

Features :

  • It is available in many languages 
  • It is easy to customize video 
  • You can search any video from it 
  • Easy sign-up process 
  • Easy to share videos with other people 



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IGTV is a video watching platform which allows you to host the clips without any hassle.

This platform is specifically for mobile users and it allows you to upload clips of 60 minutes and you can showcase work to a larger audience.

Features :

  • It allows you to watch video in a vertical form 
  • It enables you to upload videos on the web or app to start your own channel 
  • It allows to add 1 hours long video
  • You can Sign In by Facebook or Instagram 
  • It helps you to record video
  • It is easy to discover any channel 



YouTube Alternatives
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DTube is also one of the best YouTube alternatives which enables you to watch trending videos without any disturbance with maintaining privacy.  


  • It allows you to Watch, Comment, Reply, Like and dislike video 
  • It enables you to watch a video without storing it 
  • You can sync video with Social Media Website 
  • It provides easy and simple way to explore videos 



YouTube Alternatives
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BuzzFeed is a Tool which enables you to create and host videos.

It offers TV Channels, Movies, Quizzes and more and other video categories like News, Entertainment, LifeStyle and many more 


  • New videos on daily basis 
  • Easy sign-in process 
  • Easy to share video to any other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter 


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