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Google Drive Will Start Automatically Deleting Trash Files After 30 days

Google Drive Will No Longer Store Your Digital Garbage Indefinitely
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From 13th October, Google Drive is changing its trash policy. After 30 days files which are in the trash folder will be automatically deleted so the drive’s trash will work the same as other Google products like Gmail, More consistent behaviour across all Google\’s products. 

Until now It kept files in trash indefinitely, Unless you manually and permanently delete files from Trash. Administrator of GSuite will also have power to restore the files from Trash for up to 25 days for active users, so if you lost some important files or critical document then still you have a chance to save it. 

This feature of automatic trashing is somehow frustrating for some users but the actual benefit is, Since google counts those trashed files that are not deleted towards the Google Drive storage quota. 

In order to aware all users about this feature, Google will also add a banner about this notification in Google Drive for some specific Google Docs and Google Forms Apps. 

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